While working with his family’s landscaping business Walt Rickli became intrigued with the potential of natural stone. Curious of the possibilities he began by experimenting with the creation of small stone Basins. At the Guild Institute for Stone Masonry in Whitby, Ontario, Walt started his training, and quickly recognized that he had a natural ability. Walt then discovered the Celestial Studio in Barre Vermont where he was mentored by three of North America’s greatest stone sculptors. Fuelled by enthusiasm and knowledge he left the family business after 25 years to peruse a vocation in stone sculpting.

Combining his training and talent he developed a large carving studio within a quarry using old world wisdom with modern technology. Over the years his studio has become the facilitator to thousands of wonderful stone sculptures and its design to crest sculptures from 200 pounds to 100,000 pounds has provided him with the ability to work in a limitless environment.

Walt also created a public sculpture garden in his home town that showcases his work for people to enjoy year round. The Sculpture Garden is visited by hundreds of people each month and is a popular venue for events, tours, aspiring artists and individuals alike.

Aligning himself with talented professionals such as landscape architects, interior designers, engineers and specialists in many various fields, Walt’s work can be found across North America in Healthcare facilities, Universities and public settings as well as in many private residences. His understanding of human needs has facilitated the creation of many interactive and memorable public sculptures that touch the lives of all that interact with them.
Utilizing his design, construction and artistic skills, Walt is consistently engaged in the development of public spaces, residential buildings and commercial establishments to conceptually design meaningful places for people to be enriched within.

Walt’s talents as a designer, artist and stone sculptor provide the basis for an engaging experience for his clients. His enthusiasm, knowledge of human relationships and facilitator skills result in extraordinary, unique and experiential sculptures and places that are enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

Carving Studio
Sculpture Garden