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West of the City – January/February 2003

Not Your Typical Rock Star

Thousands of years ago, the glaciers that covered much of North America began to melt. As they slid across the land, glaciers from the north picked up large chunks of rock from weak spots in the Canadian shield.


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Fine Gardening – February 2001

Garden Architecture – Simple Ways to Add Water to the Garden

I once thought having a water feature in my garden would require a major investment of time and money, as well as a lot of space. I was wrong.


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The Hamilton Examiner Publications – September 2000

Profile of an Artist

Our artists live somewhat precarious lives, the price they pay for their independence. They are often more attuned to our world then the rest of us have time to be. They must give by the nature of their art, and they need our support as surely as we need their insights to survive.


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Plant and Garden – May 2000

Schulpture in the Garden – Proper Placement is No Accident of Nature

We’re rushed for time, a generation sandwiched between responsibilities for children and aging parents. The moments spent walking along a country road, skiing through woodland trails or picnicking beside the lake are all too brief.


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Hamilton Magazines – Interiors

Stone, Glass and Wood

With its characteristic durability and permanence, stone is for many cultures a symbol of divine power. A look at the work of sculptor Walt Rickli and that notion springs readily to mind.


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