Design Thinking

About a year ago I discovered the term “Design Thinker” while watching a TED talk on You Tube. It resonated with me right away in regards to the way I naturally think.  

 In my mind the definition of “Design Thinker” has to do with the ability to creatively think through a concept or idea by:


~Utilizing all your past experiences in life

~Understanding people and their needs (through various first hand personal interactions and travel). Travel opens the mind to accepting people for who they are as well as opening our eyes to different societal accepted concepts and beliefs

~Diagnosing the root of a concept or idea through observation, listening (reading between the lines), intuition and understanding of human psychology

~Engineering the logistics and sequential steps a concept or idea in your mind quickly through to the end result and then working it backwards to determine its viability  

~Resisting societal influence and preconceived points of failure in your thought process

~Engaging the child like, limitless thinking process that we were born with

~Making the process fun

~Genuinely caring about what it is you are doing

~Surrounding your self with positive people who love what they do in life. They are the ones you ideate with and consider their opinions

~Creating a work / home environment that both relaxes and inspires you at the same time. Both of these worlds must resonate with who you are. You need this in order to tap deep into your creative / logical brain 


This way of thinking creates positive, quick and out of the box solutions to any concept you apply it to.  It does not require a boardroom full of people, only a select few similar minded individuals.  Whether designing a sculpture for a client, creating a master plan for a public park, deciding to create a business that blows up blue jeans with dynamite as a clothing line or creating a business plan for a company, Design Thinking works every time.


We have adopted this term in our Studio as a way of operating in all we do. As with all things in life, when you identify a direction you want to move to, give it a name or identity and believe in it with the proper intent, you will find yourself there instantly.

 ~ Walt

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