Spring Cleaning in the Fall

Posted by Laura

The weather in Southwestern Ontario has been incredible over the last few days; coming up on November and we are walking around the shop in t-shirts!
Could this be the reason for the recent urge to clean out and re-organize the entire carving studio?! Perhaps.

The boys have been super busy with a recent stone acquisition and are now focusing their attention on the shop while they have a few days of  ‘down time’.

Walt & Steve hard at work

Walt & Steve hard at work

During the stone acquisition we also obtained some large storage containers.

Exterior and East Wing Renovations

Exterior and East Wing Renovations

These containers are now serving as the East Wing and exterior storage units of the shop.

With all of our new commissions happening it was not only time to expand but it was very necessary.

Once the ‘renovations’ in the shop are complete I fully plan on pushing for the addition to my office- complete with fully functional spa, hot tub and of course a full serve ice cream bar. I’ll keep you posted on that progress ;)

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