Studio Addition

A few years ago I started to dream about the future, where was I going with this artistic endeavour, what types of Sculptures and places did I want to create and who would I need around me in order to create this vision? After considerable contemplation I decided that I wanted to share my knowledge with others, to teach others to do what I do, to create Sculptures and places that were precedent setting in the world and that would have a positive effect on all those interacting with them. I have often dreamt of the marriage of other materials with stone, the creation of Sculptures and places that humans would love to be in and be inspired by.

Positive thinking is amazing!!! We now have 4 wonderful and talented people working in the Studio, great commissions all over North America with incredible clients and many opportunities to create Sculptures and settings that involve many types of materials ultimately being placed in places that are designed for people to be in!

 Our Studio has grown over the last year with the addition of 4 new compounds areas to accommodate tools and equipment, Sculpture component storage and a place for our new wire saw. With so many large scale commissions this year we decided to expand the main Studio with an addition. The New structure is attached to the Diamond Saw side of the Studio doubling our current studio space. The white fabric roof structure serves as our layout space where we prepare raw material for the Sculpture creation process as well as a finishing / Sculpture assembly area. The space is full of light due to the Fabric style roof and unobstructed due to the shelter type construction.

Many thanks to Ed French Contracting and his team of professionals for pulling this construction project together quickly for us.


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