Ted Talks

About a year ago I was told about TED talks and didn’t really think about it till a few months ago. Now watching a TED talk video every evening has become part of my inspirational world. They have made me believe even more in the power of an individual to change the world, that there are many people driven by passion, talent and caring for others.

TED stands for Technology Entertainment and Design. It’s a large collection of short (18 minutes or less) videos from some of the greatest Thinkers/Creative’s in the world, talking about their dreams, passions and thoughts.

 You can find them on www.youtube.com under TED talks or by visiting www.ted.com/talks

 Here is a list of some of my favourites:


 Powerful and moving! A perfect example of how one person can change the world.


 Everyone should watch this one!!!


 A positive twist on something I never thought could be this powerful




 Makes you think!


Great use of Graphics

 Hoping they enrich your world!


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