Walt Rickli Studio Move

 Hi Folks!

Yes, it’s true – Walt will be relocating his carving studio!

Not to worry, the sculpture garden will continue to be here for your enjoyment!

Big move

 Internationally renowned sculptor Walt Rickli has been creating stone, metal and wood sculptures for clients across North America from his north Burlington studio, within the Nelson Aggregate Quarry for almost 20 years. The limestone from beneath his studio will soon be turned into gravel. The time has come to relocate the studio. Moving thousands of pounds of stone and massive equipment is no small feat so to make the move easier he is having a once in a lifetime sale of all existing sculptures. All existing sculptures will be 20% to 80% off retail pricing.




Sculpture Garden All the sculptures in the Sculpture Garden are available for sale and are marked with a story and pricing information. It is important to note that these prices do not include delivery or installation, this will be priced individually. The water sculptures do not include the components that are below ground: tank, pump, stainless steel ext. These will also be priced separately.




Rear Studio

Walt has set up a temporary showroom in the staging area of his studio with one of a kind stone metal and wood sculptures including: bathroom sinks, water sculptures, furniture, abstract sculptures, interactive sculptures, works in progress and many interesting random works.





Please contact Walt directly to arrange for a private viewing.


For all the information you require Walt has set up a Blog site: waltrickli.wordpress.com where you can find images, pricing and sale details. Have fun clicking around the site to see what’s available.

As always feel free to contact Walt directly via email walt@waltrickli.com or give him a call at the studio office 905-315-8026 to schedule a time to talk or visit.

It's Walt!

It would be greatly appreciated if you could pass this information along to anyone who you think might be interested.

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